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LG Check info by IMEI (manufacturer, country, carrier, serial...) [#Lgchek554#]

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LG Check info by imei

Network Supported: ALL
Model Supported: ALL

Delivery Time: INSTANT - 0 - 15 Min - Service work 24/7  

Sample info:
IMEI: 355xxxxxxx15818
ESN: 355xxxxxxx15818
Model: LGMS395
MSN: xxxxYKJ581581
Suffix: AMTPBK
ESN Date(Prod. Date): Dec 27, 2014
ESN Go Date: Dec 27, 2014
Phone Age: 0 Year(s), 3 Month(s), 17 Day(s)
Location Code: N
Network Code: MTP
Carrier: MetroPCS
CSN: LG0xxxx00400170

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