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Carrier Check via GSX 24/7 auto Manual [#GSXEMER530654#]

Price: $1.50
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Delivery time: 1-24 hours
Serial Number: C7JMXXXXXM
Bluetooth MAC Address: 600XXXXXX9427
Initial Activation Policy ID: 113
Activation Policy Description: Croatia T-Mobile.
Applied Activation Policy ID: 113
Applied Activation Policy Description: Croatia T-Mobile.
Next Tether Policy ID: 10
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Unlock.

Part Description: IPHONE 5C GREEN 16GB-XXX
Product Version: 8.0.2
Last Restore Date: -

First Unbrick Date: 03/XXX
Last Unbrick Date: 03/XX4

Estimated Purchase Date: 03XXX14
Coverage Status: Apple Limited Warranty
Product Sold By: T-HT D.D
Purchased In: Croatia
CoverageDetails: This unit is covered by an Apple Limited Warranty Parts and Labor are covered.

Unbricked: Yes
Locked: Yes

Unlocked: false - Means IMEI is Locked (If IMEI is Unlocked but Device was still not connected to iTunes and Unlocked with other operator SIM card Our Service Will Show You Locked SIMLock State)
Unlocked: true Means IMEI is Unlocked

Next Tether Activation Policy Description:- This Is Carrier/Operator